The "1 Dog 1 Hour" Project


What is #1Dog1Hour? 

#1Dog1Hour is a social media campaign started by Catelyn Silapachai and Melissa Massello. We're huge dog lovers, and feel so proud to live in the largest "no kill" city in the country: Austin, Texas! At our local animal shelter, people can stop in anytime to walk a shelter dog. It's a blast and a great way to get some exercise. But when we found out about some of the other benefits of walking a dog, we were amazed that something so simple could have such a big effect. For example:

How can you get involved? 

Stop by your local animal shelter and ask if they let volunteers help walk the dogs. There might be some kind of designation as to which dogs are safe to walk. At Austin Animal Center, it looks like this: 

Make sure to ask the shelter staff where the dogs are allowed to be walked. The shelter might have a specific area designated inside the grounds. Have fun getting to know a new friend! You can feel great knowing that you improved his or her chances of being adopted, all in under an hour! 

Join us on Instagram!

Tag your photos #1dog1hour and we'll post them to our Instagram feed! Be sure to include the dog's name and ID number in your caption for anyone who might be interested in adopting. 

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Photography by Chelsea Laine Francis