Round Top Trips

Round Top Day Trips with The Distillery
Round Top is truly an antiques wonderland, and one of my absolute favorite places to explore, but it can be very overwhelming. My personalized guided shopping day trips from Austin to Round Top are a great way to experience Antiques Week and find exactly what you're looking for, while enjoying a stress-free day. I handle all the logistics, planning, and meals so that you can focus on the thrill of the hunt. 
Wait, back up, what is Round Top?
Round Top is a bi-annual flea market in Round Top, Texas (between Austin and Houston). The Round Top Antiques Show / Antiques Week is a series of antique shows and flea markets spanning over 10 miles of highway. 
What can be found at Round Top? 
Literally anything and everything. From high end collectors’ items, to mid-century furniture, to junk. Round Top is perfect for the new home owner, restaurateur, hotelier, design fiend, and casual shopper. Round Top is a fascinating way to explore design trends and history. 
What does a typical day trip with Catelyn Silapachai of The Distillery look like?
A week prior to your trip, I will take your food and coffee orders. I will also send over a detailed survey to learn more about your personal style, aesthetic, and goals for the trip.
Day of:
8am - 9:30am: Enjoy coffee on the drive from Austin to Round Top, Texas.
9:30am - 12pm: Explore antiques venues that we've chosen based on your answers to the survey you completed pre-trip. We will customize your itinerary based on your goals for the day, budget, and shopping list. 
12pm - 12:45pm: Picnic lunch.
12:45 - 4pm: More customized antiques shopping!
4pm - 5pm: Enjoy a glass of wine at a local wine bar or a slice of pie at a local bakery.
5pm - 6:30pm: Return to Austin. 
$250 base for 1 guest + add $20 per additional guest (up to 4 total)
This price reflects the full day trip, which includes: coffee, lunch, transportation, a customized itinerary, guided shopping, purchase + negotiation + shipping assistance.
Dates and Booking:
The next Round Top Antiques Show will be March 17th through April 2nd. Dates fill up quickly, so we recommend that you reserve your trip as soon as possible. 
Contact us at to book your trip!
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"Round Top is massive! My girlfriend and I would have been lost had it not been for Catelyn. We were looking for a vintage rug, silver and turquoise jewelry, and vintage boots. Not only did Catelyn guide us to specific vendors based on our interests, she took us to a hidden, beautiful performance hall and even catered our lunch. We had a blast!" 
- Cesar Jasso
"As a Round Top first-timer, I had no idea what to expect. Catelyn did an incredible job of curating the day so that we hit all the spots everyone in our small group wanted to see, and we didn't feel rushed at all. I'm grateful to have had Catelyn as a guide because I feel as though we made the best use of our day hitting all of the highlights! I can't imagine going back without her." 
- Maggie Miller